5 Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

20/02/2020 Kale

Time management is a challenge for many professionals, starting back in their college days. Between homework assignments, part-time work, classes, meetings, meals, social events and hanging out with friends, there is a lot to keep track of throughout your week. Like any working adult, it is important to strike a healthy work-life balance.

But how do we do that well? What tools or strategies are helpful in keeping our lives balanced? Here are a few ideas:

#1. Write it Down 📝

Keeping a list or a calendar helps us sift through everything we have swirling in our minds. Whether by day, by week, or by month, you can set achievable goals by creating a checklist or schedule that includes both work and recreational activities. And if your memory is anything like mine, keeping things on paper will help you remember important details.

#2. Set Priority Levels 🔢

Not everything in life is equal in importance. As you sort out your various obligations and activities, assign priority levels to each. This will help you gain a better understanding of the urgency and value of each task/event you wish to accomplish/attend.

#3. Keep Things Separate 📂

It is almost always better to keep your activities separate so you can devote your full attention to whatever you are focusing on. Many of us try to multitask to save time; but in reality, combining tasks tends to divert our attention and slow our progress rather than accelerate it. Set apart quality time for each task. Spend a few hours working on an important project, then move on to something different.

#4. Communicate Openly 📢

Be sure to communicate your intentions to those around you. Let your family, friends, and coworkers know how you plan to spend your time. Make a point to listen as well. They may have ideas that will help you meet their needs as well as your own.

#5. Be Optimistic! ✨

Tackle your tasks with gusto! Go into each day excited to do your best and serve your community well. You may be surprised how much you are able to accomplish both inside and outside the workplace.

Of course, not everything we set out to do will go the way we expect. Things happen. Plans change. But, the right mindset goes a long way to improving our balance between work and play. Writing an article, watching a basketball game, paying bills, throwing a birthday party…everything has a place in our lives. All we have to do is find where each part fits best.

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