Why Hackathons Can Boost for Your Business

07/03/2019 Jennifer

There’s truly no better opportunity for innovation than the relocation of your team to a new place where nobody is distracted by regular life. We strongly recommend including a hackathon, design sprint or at least a half-day brainstorming session into the schedule of your company calendar.

For a digital agency overwhelmed by client projects, a company retreat can be dedicated to re-designing internal processes or rebranding. If you are a product company, this is the perfect opportunity to brainstorm new products while your team is all together in a new and inspiring place.

Let’s talk about hackathons.

📋 Preparation is key
With good preparation, you can get impressive results even in just one day. Discuss ideas for the hackathon a couple of weeks before the retreat. Try to collect business problems and challenges and organize them into one place (a shared spreadsheet works great!).

♻️ Mix different people
Try to mix people who never normally work together. Combine developers with marketers or salespeople with designers, etc.

👥 Keep teams small
The ideal size of a temporary hackathon team is between 3 and 5 people. The goal of the hackathon is to build something functional. The larger the team, the more people spend time talking rather than making.

🎯 Focus
Forget everything else. Regular projects and daily tasks can wait for a day or two. Dive deep and focus exclusively on hackathon projects and the work you’re looking to accomplish.

⚙️ Build something functional
End your hackathon with presentations showing functional demos, visual prototypes, or proof of concepts developed during the session.


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