Recap of TEDxKotor Through the Student Lens


As a first time TEDx attendant, I was blown away by TEDxKotor. A good mix of speakers varying from psychology to machine learning and AI kept me on my toes. Additionally, all the speakers were well educated and experts in their field. As a university student and young professional, I am an avid learner, interested in entrepreneurship, social science, and digital marketing. 😃 Today, I will be covering my BIG takeaways and why you should attend a local TEDx event like TEDxKotor.

A little more about the Speakers

Here is a list of speakers from TEDxKotor:

  • Rainer Hoess – grandson of an Auschwitz commander, Rainer has devoted his life to fighting against any form of discrimination and fascism
  • Vladimir Vulic – renowned speaker and digital transformation strategist
  • Piotr Prokopowicz – consultant and one of the minds behind Freenovation, organization that fosters innovation culture in Poland
  • Jovana Stojanovic – theatre director and climate change activist
  • Freddie Pearson – model, fitness entrepreneur and activist
  • Fabian Dittrich – digital nomad, adventurist and entrepreneur
  • Jelena Markovic – personal development coach who uses animated drawings to address problems we rarely talk about
  • Jovan Jovancevic – software engineer and avid chess player who will talk about creativity in the AI environment
  • Maja Raicevic – CEO of “Women’s Rights Center”, Montenegrin NGO that fights for women rights and gender equality

Observing TEDxKotor Through My Student Lens

Finally, all of the speakers focused on either entrepreneurship, personal development, or acknowledging discrimination. This is my take of TEDxKotor as a student and young professional.

Reaching for the Stars 🌟

You can change the world. As a young professional it can be difficult navigating the avenues of life and business. Fortunately, several speakers touched on how to navigate the professional world and find your niche. I learned that exploration and exploitation are needed to examine what’s possible, and do what’s necessary.


Most people think of exploration as discovering an undiscovered cave or finding buried treasure. First, exploration can be a noun or a verb. Most think of exploration as a verb but when exploration is a noun, we need to get creative. The state of exploration is creative and loose. Second, when you are in exploration mode you can think outside of the box and come up with amazing ideas. I know when I am problem-solving I go into exploration mode.


-Piotr Prokopowicz


Exploitation means action. First, exploitation can be a difficult state to get into. Being more creative than most, exploitation can be difficult. When working on a business project exploitation is the implementation phase. Second, to overcome implementation struggles surround yourself with a solid team. If you have several people with amazing skill sets you can accomplish great things.

Develop Skills and Network 🗣️

Developing skills and networking can set a young professional into a great position for the future. Some of the top skills recommended by top businesses are critical thinking, project management, and interpersonal communication.


Networking and developing skills are probably the two most important actions a young professional should focus on according to Fabian Dittrich. Networking can include business meetups, getting coffee with older wiser professionals, or coworking. Coworking is a great way to connect with other professionals in your industry who can help you collaborate on a project or give you feedback. Check out Beta Bar to learn more about coworking!

If you want to get the most out of networking, be genuine and authentic with others. Go above and beyond to meet with someone and ask good questions. 😃

Connecting circles into a community increases productivity.

– Fabian Dittrich


In regards to skills, networking combined with mentorship and the Internet can give you a major advantage compared to your peers. Fabian met hundreds of people while adventuring and eventually learned how to code. Once he learned how to code, he eventually met a man who needed someone to work in Ruby on Rails.

Skills can range from sales to computer programming. The biggest mistake I see among young professionals is their reliance on others for their success instead of taking their initiative.

Now Go to a Local TEDx! 🚗

TEDxKotor was amazing for me. Montenegro is a beautiful country and Kotor is a beautiful city. TEDx events happen all the time. Click here to find one near you! All TEDx events are independently hosted and volunteers come from all over to put the event together. After meeting the volunteers I realized how much work goes into hosting a TEDx event. One last bit shoutout to all the TEDxKotor organizers and volunteers! Bravo!