02/04/2018 Jamie

Planning an Effective Business Seminar

Business Seminar

Business seminars can require a lot of time, energy, and preparation, but they can be incredibly beneficial for everyone involved. A well-planned seminar can provide a platform for participants to learn more about a particular subject, network with like-minded people, and renew their enthusiasm. Here are 5 ways to make the most of your next seminar.

#1. Start Promoting At Least Two Weeks in Advance

When planning an event, include essential information such as date, time, and location on all promotional materials. Make sure that all promotional materials such as brochures and posters are created and printed at least two weeks in advance. This ensures that there is adequate time to proofread and edit all materials. Promoting the event at least two weeks in advance also gives possible attendees a sufficient amount of time to add your event to their schedule.

#2. Present a Topic That Is Relevant to Your Audience

When determining what topic to speak about for a seminar, consider what subject matter will be relevant to your target audience. This aspect is crucial to creating interest in the community. By selecting relevant themes, people will be more likely to share your event on social media and attend your seminar.

#3. Keep It No More Than 6 Hours With Coffee Breaks

Try to keep the seminar six hours or less with coffee breaks scheduled at different intervals. This provides attendees with an opportunity to build relationships with one another and to connect with the speaker. Coffee breaks also help participants stay alert and focused throughout the entire seminar, so they can get as much out of it as possible.

#4. Create an Atmosphere for Q & A

One way to engage the audience is to ask for questions or comments periodically throughout the seminar to ensure that participants have a clear understanding of the subject matter. Another way to increase participation is to introduce segments that are conversational as opposed to only following a lecture style of teaching. This creates an interactive atmosphere where participants feel open to ask questions.

#5. Provide Resources After the Seminar

During the seminar, have each participant sign in and include relevant contact information such as a phone number and an email address. At the end of the seminar, email copies of PowerPoint slides and other presentation materials to the participants. This provides beneficial resources to the people who have attended so that they can refresh themselves on what they have learned. It also gives you an opportunity to follow up with those who attended to determine which aspects of the seminar were the most beneficial and what areas could be improved.