13/05/2017 Jennifer

“What does your customers want that are JUST RIGHT?” asks LEAP Summit speaker Gerard Tannam today. Gerard opens with the classic fairy-tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and he made the point that Goldilocks tried different porridge, but it was baby bear’s porridge that was “JUST RIGHT.” In a world with many brands that are bombarding our customer, Gerard gives practical advice on how you can be JUST RIGHT for your customers by building bridges to your customers.

Brand Influence Choice

First, the purpose of a brand is the ability to influence choice. You want to the be the natural choice for customers. This means that customers only have eyes for you. When you are the natural choice, customers advertise you and advocate for your brand. Brands, in return, help customers choose what is JUST RIGHT for them by knowing who they are and what they need. Your brand reflects the relationship that you have with your customer, so you need to know exactly who you are as a business, why you do what you do, what business you are in, and how to communicate that clearly to your customers. You have to manage your brand to build your relationship. It does not just happen.

Bridging the Gap

Next, a brand must bridge the gap between the company and customers. This requires great communication. Customer relationship management (CRM) strategy is important because it personalizes the interactions you have with customers. Do not be terrified of talking to your customers. Gerard shares the greatest mistake that the Queen in Snow White did when asking the question: “Magic Mirror, on the wall, who, now, is the fairest one of all?” was that she was looking at herself in the mirror instead to the people of whom she reigned over. A brand needs to connect with somebody to be successful…not everybody. This is the starting point of the relationship with the customer. One very important step in brand building is identifying this ideal “somebody” or customer. Gerard calls this person the “Bullseye Customer.”

Pinpointing Your Bullseye Customer

Here are 3 questions you can ask to help you to identify your Bullseye Customer:
1. At what time and place in their lives is a person most likely to need, appreciate and be ready & able to buy what I have to offer?

2. What are the key qualities and characteristics of this person, which makes them most likely to buy from me?

3. Where is my ideal customer and what are they doing at the moment when their need is greatest, and how do they make their decision to buy?

Armed with a clear picture of your ideal customer and target market, you’re now able to build your brand so that everything you say and do helps your customer make the choice that’s JUST RIGHT for them and makes you their natural choice in your target market.

On a personal note, we all are walking around this digital space with our personal brand. Gerard says the first step in building your personal brand is to start knowing what makes you different. What do you offer the world that no one else does? Who would value this? After you can answer these questions, you can know how to start positioning and branding yourself personally and professionally.



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