Create Amazing Eye Candy Content

05/12/2019 Nick

Creating great content is becoming more and more difficult. As Google, Facebook and YouTube change their algorithms, content creators need to always be thinking outside the box. A successful creative concept can have an enormous impact for a business. Compelling content can bring in new viewers, introduce them to the rest of your products or services, and build a loyal fanbase. If you’re not convinced that visual content is necessary to take your marketing campaign to the next level, here are the top reasons to include a bit of eye candy in your future content.

What is Eye Candy Content 🍬

Eye candy content is an image that communicate with your audience much more quickly than a block of text, simply because it’s easier to digest. Amazing content can be a blog, social media post, or video that catches the eye of the average browser. If you are craving views, click-throughs and interacted viewers you need some eye candy content.

Watch Out! 🛑

Too much eye candy content can lead to an overwhelming experience for the reader. Repetitive titles, similar thumbnails, and constant intense photos can have a negative effect if used on all content. A content calendar should consist of a range of content types including different levels of intensity, titles, and content structure.

Amazing Titles 📰

Eye candy titles usually include words like “amazing,” “shocking,” “you won’t believe,” “never before,” etc. If you go on YouTube, you can get a taste of great eye candy titles. YouTubers spend hours deciding on a title for their cat video or gaming content. The title is a big part of determining whether a browser will turn into a viewer.

If you have amazing content…

If you have amazing content, then having a great title can really improve your viewers’ experience. Your title should not be too fake to come off as clickbait but include catchy words that interest browsers. Amazing content paired with an eye candy title will grab a browser, convert them into a viewer, and encourage them to become a subscriber.

Another great place to find great titles is in a library or bookstore. Authors, like YouTubers, spend a lot of time deciding on an amazing title. Authors search for a title that will encapsulate their content while grabbing the browser. Some great titles include In Search of Lost Time, Ulysses, Don Quixote, and Moby Dick.

Nails And Picture Frames 💅

Thumbnails and featured images are important for grabbing readers. Thumbnails are the first image a viewer sees before a video plays. If you are a video creator, thumbnails have a huge influence on interactions with your video, and it is one of the determining factors for people to play your video.

Featured Images 🖼️

Having a good featured image is important for blogs and articles. Good featured images will attract the attention of the browser and tie into your content. For my article, it is nearing Christmas time and my title includes “eye candy”. For my featured image, I chose candy on a Christmas tree so my featured image will both resonate with the season and tie into my title. Depending if you want people to share your artcile on social networks, you may want to include the title, so people on Facebook or Twitter know what your content is.


Titles, videos, and photos are just a few ways you can improve your content. If you need more help creating amazing content, schedule a call with us, and we would love to help! Nova Ivica has over 15 years of combined content marketing experience.