CCCSEE Recap: Make It Personal

17/10/2019 Jeff

We had an amazing week at the first Coworking Coliving Conference Southeast Europe (CCCSEE) in Serbia! The weather was great, the presentations were powerful, and the sense of community won’t soon be forgotten.

There’s something meaningful and special about being able to come together in person–even if it’s just once a year. More than 200 people from across the region and Europe (and some from across the ocean!) joined us in Belgrade, Serbia, for a time of sharing, learning, and growing. What started out as a groundbreaking idea from Miroslav Mijatov, founder of Smart Office, brought together a camaraderie of leaders that have a shared passion for coworking and making a tangible difference in the community.The conference had a theme that sounded through each presentation: “Make it personal.” My big takeaway from CCCSEE is that life is so much more than career success. True happiness in the workplace is found in meaningful relationships with others. The story of a person’s life includes their work, their culture, and their friends and family. All of us are shaped by this. The problem, however, is that–even when we have the best intentions–we can spend more time at our coworking spaces working instead of investing in our community or family inside and outside of our creative hub.The speakers at the conference did an amazing job of using their research, data, and personal experiences – both successes and failures – to make it personal and inspire attendees to do the same. We were fortunate to have a combination of keynotes, panels, and breakout presentations during the three days we got to spend together.We’d like to say a huge thank you to the organizers of the conference this year. If you weren’t able to come, we hope to meet you next year at the 2nd CCCSEE in Rovinj, Croatia! We already have high expectations for what the next year has in store, and we happy to be a part of this special community.

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