A Page is Turned for Beta Bar

A page is turned by the wind to an end of a chapter for Beta Bar.

Many wonderful people visited, got involved, became part of our community and advised us. We worked, cleaned, taught and had fun together. We hosted hack-a-thons, workshops and social events. However, the costs of running Beta Bar has made it not sustainable for our vision or ourselves. We had huge dreams, and the reality is they needed full support of the Bar community and time to pour into this community. We knew this from the start, and it never scared us. We were full of hope and enthusiasm, which led us to feeling invincible, and we persisted.

Unable to acquire the necessary investment and flexibility to put the dreams we had for Beta Bar, we have not been able to grow the space to its necessary scale. And by necessary, we mean to make it sustainable – to be able to support ourselves and the necessary team required to run this coworking space that makes a real impact and difference in the Bar community. This was our vision, this was our dream. Beta Bar has grown so much since we opened in August 2016. We have even been operating to full capacity. Unfortunately, we have found that managing a coworking space and also doing consulting around Montenegro has us has us unable to provide the level of attention needed to Beta Bars.

Beta Bar’s door will close on Friday, April 17, 2020. This spring we will continue to invite people into our coworking space, hold events like “Loving Yourself as a Recipe for the Heart” , game nights and finish our work in Bar well.

We are extremely thankful to each and every one of you for joining us on this adventure and for contributing your time, skills and energy into Beta Bar.